We are a group of passionate scientists working at BOKU, Vienna, Austria. We needed an access to Sentinel-2 surface reflectance data and the possibility to quickly generate a number of value added products for our research and applications in agriculture, forestry and land monitoring.

So we created it! We developed this platform to make available to us and to others ESA Sentinel-2 atmospherically-corrected reflectance  data and value added products.

Key features:

  • We offer professional access to Sentinel-2 surface reflectance and value-added products
  • We serve on-demand and with a global coverage
  • We perform a precise cloud filtering
  • You can download a single image or perform a bulk data access
  • We customise and run your processing chain to power your services

Data access

Need a single Sentinel-2A image ? 

Use our web-interface after a one step registration process (only e-mail and password needed):

Data portal

Need bulk Sentinel-2A data access ? 

Get the sentinel2 R package on github.com

Need more flexibility? Explore our application programming interface (API):

Wiki API

Need customised products and processing chain ? 

Contact us! We can implement your algorithm with the data.


We process Sentinel-2 Level-1C images into Level-2A data using the ESA’s Sen2Cor algorithm. Additional layers produced by Sen2Cor algorithm are also available such as Aerosol optical thickness (AOT), water vapor (WV), scene classification (SCL), and various quality indicators (QI).

Value added products are:

  • Surface Reflectance (SR)
  • Leaf Area Index (LAI)
  • Fraction of Vegetation Cover (fCover)
  • Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FAPAR)
  • Broadband hemispherical-directional reflectance factors (HDRF)

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We offer different data package level and we ask for a contribution to cover costs for data processing and maintenance of the algorithms. First 30 granules are free.

Contact us for cost and specifications of the different data packages


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